General Meeting at the Head Office

TNT Construction and Trading has staged a one day General Meeting on Monday, April 1, 2019 at the head office. The general meeting has been called to address issues which are related to intra and inter departmental communications, meeting work assignment dead-lines and employees’ work related commitment, overall company-wide performances and expected future deliverables and creating common understanding on the company’s core values in a way that brings a Homogeneous Organizational Culture.

During the one day meeting, employees and the management team of the company have made open and constructive discussions on areas that seek improvements and have collaboratively proposed the way forward.

Leadership Training

For longer period of time, TNT Construction and Trading has repeatedly shown its un-shivering commitment for developmental initiatives. As one of its manifestations, the company has proven itself to be one of the competent local construction companies by availing on-the-job and off-the-job trainings both at the head office and all project sites.

As part of its annual developmental program, the company has provided one day leadership training for its entire managerial staff at different positions both at the head office and project sites. The training which was held on March 16, 2019 has been targeted to narrow competency related performance gaps by exposing leader-managers to contemporary leadership approaches. For the purpose of using its human capital efficiently and for critically examining contextual realities in light of theoretical prescriptions, the training was facilitated by an internal resource person.

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